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This new album by Gerard Cousins features some of Philip Glass's most popular and appealing works. The recording creates an orchestral guitar sound, while the variety of moods makes it suitable for a variety of playlists, from chill to contemporary classical, minimalism, concentration and work flow.


Previous 2 releases and Bio


Music of Eric Whitacre

After hearing a transcription I had previously made, Eric Whitacre suggested 4 pieces I could arrange for guitar and make into an EP on his label UNQUIET. The EP was playlisted on Classic FM and has had nearly 4 million plays on Amazon Music, 200,000 on Spotify and 850,000 on Apple Music.


Philip Glass

The first album ever of solo guitar versions of Philip Glass's music. I recorded it and sent it to Philip. He was so impressed that it was released it on Philip's own label Orange Mountain Music. 750,000 streams on Apple Music  and nearly a million on Spotify.


Gerard Cousins was the first guitarist to successfully create guitar versions of Philip Glass’s piano music The album was featured on the front page of Apple Music. Gerard followed this up with an EP of transcriptions of Grammy award winning choral composer Eric Whitacre which has been streamed over 4 million times and was playlisted on Classic FM.

France Musique and BBC Radio have dedicated whole programmes to Gerard's guitar playing. Gerard also appeared on on Sky Arts TV ‘Guitar Star’. 

Gerard Cousins offers a classical guitar concert with a difference: His unique repertoire, audience interaction and sense of improvisation has seen him widen the appeal of the nylon strung guitar. 

His concerts which feature his imaginative guitar arrangements as well as his own compositions are often described as “mesmerising”.




"A rare guitar player...  A master of the classical idiom and the range of techniques which it demands...Cousins has reached a rarefied point where his stunning playing is matched by his artistic vision."


"Brings the music to life."




"Gerard Cousins is a rare beast, a classical player who has broken free from the bounds of his training to make new music. He is technically remarkable… His nylon strings are played with precision and verve…the beauty of the tune and the playing are all that matters."


Magazine (FRANCE)

"We gain a spellbinding softness and an unexpected rediscovery of that universe… We can only salute Gerard Cousins’s prowess for having been able to intensify Glass’s music with a new flame."


Margherita Taylor Smooth Classics

"It’s a fresh recording,  a really wonderful take on Eric Whitacre’s Seal Lullaby."


"Impeccable technique....a unique edge"


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